My name is Gerald Burke. I’m a computer science student, game developer, writer, father, husband, and several other things. I do my best to fill my time with either making things, or talking about making things. My favorite things to make are games, but they aren’t the only things I like to make. I also like to write, play music, make art, and build prop weapons out of wood!

Besides making things, I also love hiking, yoga, and obscure British comedies. I’m engaged and active in local politics as well as other community outreach. I love to volunteer for good causes, and do my best to find every available opportunity to do so.

This site is going to be a portal for all the things I want to share. Most of those things will be games or game art, but I’m not taking anything off the table. At one point I did a podcast where I did Buzzfeed quizzes and played “Who’s That Pokemon” with myself. I pray, for your sake, it doesn’t come to that.